Investing in the construction of a dream home begins with investing in one’s own dream. It is never too late in life to pursue anything. Even if it seems unrealistic at the moment or if someone has told us otherwise. The key to dispelling self-doubt and believing that anything is possible is to change our own beliefs. And the easiest and fastest way to do that is through affirmations. Self-work and self-investment come first.

I deeply believe that anyone who dreams of owning their own home can easily achieve it by focusing on that goal.


All of my clients have agreed that after working with affirmations, building a home became an enjoyable and turbulence-free process for them. Owning a home or building one requires effort. You need to have the right finances or creditworthiness, find a plot of land, have an architect, choose a design, or in the case of buying a home, find the right place (it must be close to work or school, maybe in-laws, but not too close, at the right price, in a good neighborhood or location – something that fits…). All of this is associated with a certain amount of work that our subconscious mind usually doesn’t want to do. And the most important thing is to find a common language with our subconscious mind, like my clients did 🙂 after working with my affirmations, which suddenly made situations and circumstances work in their favor.

The construction team that caused problems and mistakes resigns from cooperation, and someone new and highly competent takes their place. Finishing materials, exactly the ones that were liked, suddenly go on sale. An unexpected gift comes in the form of a new job opportunity, promotion, or bonus. Affirmations don’t mean that we no longer have challenges in life, they help us better adjust to the circumstances that arise.


You need to know that the subconscious generally does not like change and is not eager for it, especially when the change involves leaving, or rather expanding, our comfort zone… Owning a home is an expansion of our sphere of influence and a life on a completely new existential level. The subconscious is afraid of this because it does not have the ability to think abstractly (like the logical mind does). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our subconscious only contained content that supports us?

Affirmations are an addition to the “The construction of a house – My Power” course, which will mentally open you up to owning a home. In the course, I describe in detail the difference between a subconscious program and a belief. I also talk about the deep cause of our various blocks related to owning a home and how to heal them. I also show basic and very simple exercises that anyone can do to check what is stored in their subconscious mind. The course is over 80 pages and includes a lot of exercises. If you don’t need the course, start with the affirmations, there are 144 of them! Some of them are so powerful that you can work with them/ test them for a longer time because they really produce “thick” effects, not just in the realm of owning a home.



What we have in our lives is a reflection of our vibration and what we consciously choose. Unfortunately, as the most developed beings on Earth, we only use a few percent of our potential. Vibration is nothing more than a range of waves that are emitted not only by our heart but also by our brain. These waves are emitted when we think positively and when we think negatively. Therefore, investing in conscious creation of content in our heads and transforming negative beliefs into positive ones is so important.

It’s easier and faster to purchase or build a house if you heal what stands in the way within yourself. Without unnecessary conflicts and stress. And you don’t need a magic wand for this, just your own work with the subconscious. Because we do have the Power.



If you’re reading this description, you know that I’m a holistic architect. I approach people and their spatial needs, taking into account the fact that everyone has a body, spirit, mind, emotions, and ego… I’m on Earth to take architecture to a completely new level and enable everyone who desires it to have their own home. That’s my dream. That everyone has a home they can call Their Own.


You’ll receive 144 affirmations that you can work with in any way – repeat, write oe even sing them 🙂 fall asleep with them, record them and listen to them before sleep. If you use only one of them every day, it will last you for almost five months. These affirmations will undoubtedly change your life.

I wish you great fun working with affirmations and boundless joy in achieving your dream goal.

Warm regards,


Karolina Radoń