Everything that relates to room designs.

We design private and commercial interiors. Our interiors are pleasant, cozy, warm, and bright. When designing, we pay attention to the forces of nature, and the energy of people, namely we design holistically. When designing, we take into consideration the guidelines Vastu Shastra expert opinions. We design end-to-end, and our design offer fits the needs of our customers.

Everything that relates to room designs.

The FAQ tab contains basic information on how the cooperation with the architect proceeds. Step by step.



For customers, who have ordered a building design in advance -an interior design cheaper by PLN 10 in each package.


– inventory-taking procedure;

– planning the function in the form of plans containing the location of the partition walls, and the furniture and other equipment elements (building, reconstructing, moving, or demolishing a partition wall a change in relation to the building design);

– drawings of the location of lighting points, switches, and plug-in sockets, c.o. (central heating) points, water and sewage points, and telecom systems (relocation, increasing or decreasing the number of the aforementioned systems – a change in relation to the construction design), proposed automation solutions  of a “smart house”; – interior design selection – on the basis of references or inspiration presented (cooperation);

– implementing specific functional solutions adapted to the arrangement of the building (cooperation);

– spatial views of the interior (3D views) with colours proposed for all the mentioned premises (based on the previously agreed style and coloration);

– to the whole interior design, a selection of three key colours, and their derivatives, and the colour of the additions (mood board supporting the colour solutions in subsequent rooms not included in the scope);

75zł/m² net


– a selection of flooring and wall linings (plan scale 1:50 or 1:100, showing the arrangement, the joining between the planes of the floors and the wall linings – with the quantity and specifications of the materials- e.g.  gres, plank, linings, wallpapers, stone);

– the design of the suspended ceilings (plan scale 1:50 or 1:100);

– a selection of lighting fittings (plan scale 1:50 or 1:100, with the arrangement of the fittings with their number and product specifications – specific models, with light colour);

– characteristic cross-sections or exploded views of the walls (the coloration, dimensions – for particular construction crews);

– the fireplace installation design (selection of materials – technical drawings- proposed specific Biokominek fireplace insert, or a traditional insert);

– the designs of permanent installations at an individual order e.g. bathroom furniture, bedroom furniture, or vestibules, wardrobes – 3D view, selection of materials (technical drawings – views, plan scale 1:50);

– the design of the kitchen installations at an individual order (3D view, selection of materials, technical drawings – views, cross-sections, plan), but also discussing the type of cabinet filling e.g. cargo, corner cabinets, tips regarding comfortable systems for storing food products, or equipment;

– proposed location of kitchen appliances, the type of the table top and sink, and of all the immovable elements e.g. shower cabins or the glass type for the shower pan;

– bathroom design, drawings of the connections of glazing on the walls and the floor (technical drawings – views, plan scale 1:50);

– a selection of the whole bathroom and kitchen sanitary fittings, and the “sanitary fixtures” (kitchen, bathrooms, toilets);

– a selection of doors (coloration, handles, form, manufacturer, series);

– a shopping list, namely a list of manufacturers or providers of all the finishing materials, and immovable elements (in the form of an Excel spread sheet with summarized costs of the materials
based on the current market prices);

– the design of the stairs at an individual order (3D view, selection of materials, technical drawings – views, cross-sections, plan);

– presenting certain samples/models of suggested materials showing their natural texture and shades;

– the design of the stairs at an individual order;

– photo-realistic visualizations – realistic for selected rooms or spatial drawings;

PLN 90/m² net (for suites with an area smaller than 100m² the price is higher by 20zł/m²)



– a selection of additions, namely all the mobile elements of the interior – movable – sofa, pillows, chairs, tables, small tables, blankets, posters, frames, decorations, curtains, mattresses, textiles, flowerpots etc.

– graphic presentation of chosen elements in the form of a Moodboard (pdf/jpg);

– a shopping list and the valuation of particular elements on the basis of up-to-date market prices (in the form of an Excel spread sheet) with stating the location of specific stores, also when necessary, presentation of selected materials (test samples/models – courier);

PLN 50/m² net….



PLN 850 1 month – with traveling in and around Warsaw (2 visits);

PLN 1650 1 month – with traveling in and around Warsaw (4 visits)

PLN 2300 1 month – with traveling in and around Warsaw (6 visits);

PLN 6400 1 month – with traveling in and around Warsaw (8 visits)

* covering 1.5-2h a time at the implementation site (counted from the arrival time), each started hour PLN 120 net


– consulting on finding the correct apartment or house for investment or residential purposes;

– assistance in renting/selling/buying a property;

– legal support, and intermediation in buying/selling a property;

– investment consulting;

– assistance in choosing options for full or partial mortgage lending;

* the price of the service adapted to the scope, and evaluated individually (a traditional agency contract and non-disclosure clause), exclusivity contracts


– consultations;

– structure inventory taking;

– preparing the documentation to be submitted along with the application for the certificate on the independence of the premises;

– representing the Investor before the authorities (power of attorney);

* the price of the service adapted to the scope, and determined individually



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