If you are here, surely you want to learn what, and to what extent I can do for you. This also means that our vision of the reality may be similar. In my vision, people are happy, vivid, and healthy. The houses in which they live balance their structures, support, and help activate their Internal Creativity .

I believe that we are on the Earth to realize our Uniqueness, each of us has a unique gift for the World, and the World awaits our decision

It is not easy to go at Full Throttle, when the space around us “pulls us down”, and the energy available for our development flies away …

For each customer, who chooses to cooperate, a rite referred to as puja is performed at their place of residence. Puja makes it possible to clean the space of the memory of the previous inhabitants, it cleans the stories associated with the land, on which the building has been built, and asks  (or is a prayer for) harmony and well-being for the members of the household and the neighbours.

For each customer, a Vedic horoscope is prepared, and, based on the guidelines in the horoscope, recommendations are plotted on the diagram of the apartment or the house for the calibration of the space.

It is best to start cooperating from completing a questionnaire, where you can describe any spatial defect or issue, but also any state that you want to change. Questionnaires for downloading here.


The co-operation includes:


  • Specifying, analysing any issue or need;
  • Preparing the horoscope;
  • Guidelines for improving the space in terms of any chosen area or issue;

PLN 1200/ 1 consultation hour 

I prepare myself for several hours to each consultation, and I need you to provide: the plan of your apartment, together with the plot and orientation in relation to the cardinal directions (north arrow), the date of your birth (year, day, hour with minutes), the place of birth.


  • Specifying, analysing any issue or need;
  • preparing the horoscope (horoscopes for the partners);
  • Performing the puja;
  • Guidelines for improving the space – calibrating all the living areas, installing remedies on the plan of the home, and the garden;
  • Four basic activities (removing the suffering, bringing pure energy, strengthening in harmony, improving the correct flow);
  • Preparing the plan with plotted primary elements, dominants, and locating the house with specifying the main entrance according to the Sanjay Rath Method and the Lagna Reduced Ashtakvarga points, scale 1:500 or 1:1000;
  • A plan suggesting a beneficial functional arrangement with proposals together with strategic equipment elements, such as: beds (sleeping direction), aquarium, fireplace, desks, and dining table, possibly strengthening for particular elements (for all household members) in the form of guidelines  for the design of the building, scale 1:100 or 1:200;


APARTMENT OR SUITE WITH AN AREA OF MORE THAN. 150m2: individual quotation

HOUSE WITH GARDEN UP TO AN AREA OF 250m2: PLN 10,000- 14,000

HOUSE WITH GARDEN WITH AN AREA OF MORE THAN 250m2: individual quotation depending on the area of the plot


If you feel inside that you need to live in a harmonious,
well lightened, bright,
living, and beautiful space …
give yourself a chance…