Full Relaxation

The key to finding one’s way to oneself is, first and foremost, to find peace within. How can one find this inner peace when outside, one storm follows another…? Seeking a stable, calm point within ourselves is sometimes a journey through various experiences. There are many paths and many methods to cope with the feeling of stability in the face of the constant change that is reality 🙂 One of the methods is certainly being in a space that tunes us into that peace and relaxation. And that’s what I’d like to tell you about. Nature most beautifully restores our “factory settings,” that is, how we felt before we froze our bodies with emotions, stress, unfulfilled relationships, traumas, and other such stories 🙂



An oasis of peace within your reach

Basic settings

Our basic settings are restored by synchronizing both hemispheres of our brain, so that the right and left sides work together – softness and hardness, creativity and analytical thinking, feminine and masculine… Our two brain hemispheres synchronize much faster with the sounds of nature and by being in nature…

Holistic design is about considering the alignment of our vibrations. Vibrations align with a stronger, more stable wave – this happens with lunar wood. Wood cut during the proper lunar phase has pro-health properties and can affect the rhythm of our heart. Returning to factory settings is returning home. In us.


Lunar wood house

Lunar wood is not the only material or element that refines us and reminds us of our true (unstrained) nature 🙂 During my professional practice, I have developed procedures that make it much easier to achieve a level of synchronization and harmony in our own home.

How I Do It?

A good starting point is an Individual Home Project and a Vastu Shastra design. In an individual project, much like in any design studio, I pay special attention to highly personalized solutions, primarily in terms of aesthetics and functionality. A nature-aligned home project is a holistic approach that goes beyond the standard market offerings. With every project, I care for trees and try to avoid the root system. If we don’t opt for something like moon wood, we can explore various construction techniques, such as traditional wooden framing or prefab solutions. Holistic design, especially for objects like a wooden cottage with an area of up to 35m2, is relatively straightforward. The volume and building footprint make it structurally achievable.

In the case of Vastu Shastra design, I take into account the plot’s location concerning water bodies, greenery, prominent terrain features, water veins, etc. Additionally, I consider the favorable orientation of the building on the plot with respect to the cardinal directions, the zones responsible for relationships, health, finances, liberation, etc. Before any construction process, a personal horoscope of the owners is prepared so that the building aligns with the planetary positions at the time of their birth – this is the essence of Vastu Shastra.

Holistically designed buildings 

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