Relates to the Contemporary Architecture

Vastu Shastra – which originates from the Vedas, ancient Indian writings – is the science of space. The Ancients wanted each living creature to move in a sacred space. This is why in India several temples may exist at one street neighbouring each other (even temples relating to various divine aspects). These temples have been designed so closely to each other not to complete, they have been designed with the intent, so that each person, even one who has no need to enter a temple, uses its positive vibrations when passing by.
Vastu Shastra is a very comprehensive field, it contains the rules of urban planning – planning cities and villages, designing facilities for people and animals. It combines the knowledge of astronomy and astrology, and also it includes information on the magnetism of the Earth. The complexity of the knowledge contained in Vastu Vidya takes into consideration the mathematics of fractal structures, takes into consideration the so called “Golden Ratio”, which was used in the architecture and mathematics at least since 490 BCE (namely Phidias, Plato, Fibonacci, Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci…), and maybe even earlier.
For the Ancients, a sacred space meant designing a structure for absolute energetic harmony. This harmony was supposed to subtle out all the bodies – physical, mental, and energetic bodies of a person, by gently putting each person into the state of contemplation (connecting oneself with one’s higher spiritual Self).
The designing principles of Vastu Shastra combine guidelines associated with mathematics, but also knowledge related to the magnetic field of the Earth, and the cardinal directions. Both on the northern and the southern hemisphere, the characteristics of the solutions is adjusted to the “field of the Earth”.
Vastu Shastra also utilizes astrology. We come to the world at a very specific arrangement of the planets, which is like a “tattoo”. This tattoo determines some of our behaviours, sometimes our flaws, it affects our talents and strengths. Imagine that Vastu Shastra specifies the design conditions for a building, adapted to the arrangement of the planets on the day of your birth, to strengthen all the values, so you can use your Life Capability to the maximum.
The ancient knowledge combines in my designs with the knowledge of Vastu Shastra on many levels. For me, it is crucial that my customers feel great at their homes. I use various techniques to make the space support them and “expand” their Internal Creativity. I want people, empowered with positive vibrations of their space, to go into the world strong and relaxed, harmonized, balanced, and also very happy…
The space has an enormous effect on us. The guidelines of Vastu Shastra are for people who are aware that the status of their internal “energy” absolutely affects all the fields of their lives. My designs are for people who want to feel good, and, through feeling and being deeply in contact with themselves, to make important decisions, set out new directions, implement their Uniqueness in the world, and to execute the Divine Plan by serving people.
Vastu is Transformation. Vastu is submission Vastu is the power of the Flow.
Contemporary architecture offers numerous possibilities of implementing ancient knowledge. I am very lucky that I can, through my Designer competences, serve people, by designing structures, which not only will subtle out their perception of the world, heal their ancestral field, but also open them to whole new life objectives and the realization of their own Internal Capability.
The decision to cooperate comes out from a feeling. If you feel that Vastu Shastra is for you, it means that we have agreed to work together much earlier…

Karolina Radoń