Projektowanie holistyczne

projekty architektoniczne oparte na Harmonii

For years, I’ve been designing for a purpose – for the good of my clients and all sensitive creatures.
The power of intentions makes a completed house resonate and manifest to us, and, just like a magnet, attract whatever we need. Combining your and my intention synchronizes the building with our very high qualities.

A correct intention is only the beginning. I see a person as a whole, holistically, I know that they consist of a body, a spirit, and a psyche… I know that if I add a salt wall which ionizes air, or a domestic graduation tower to a normal building – its residents who are present in this space will have it easier to rest and relax.

When we are rested, it’s easy to attract abundance, good relations, fun, and the simple joy of life.

I design in a non-standard way. Apart from having the competences of a qualified architect, I have spent a great part of my life studying the accounts of “realized” creatures, and my travels to holy sites have only strengthened my knowledge. I have learned to design according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, and this is my greatest asset, which I can share with others.

Imagine a house, in which the walls are covered with bio-paints which absorb formaldehyde from the air, cosy materials soft in touch, and lighting, which is warm and calming… imagine that you hear sounds, which will balance both of your cerebral hemispheres, and the smell calms down and hugs. Imagine that the house has been built from environmentally friendly or recycled materials, and the timber has been cut at the proper phase of the moon.
Imagine that your house has been designed to be compatible with your personal horoscope, and enhances your internal Creativity. Imagine that the spatial composition of your house follows the rules of Sacred Geometry, and is a cosmic combination of the Cosmos with the Micro-cosmos inside you.

Harmony and Peace.


The sense of being in your right place in Your Life.